Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative rehab services in a safe and caring environment to obtain optimal functional outcomes in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible.


We aim to be the leading provider of rehab services in Passaic county and surrounding areas. We aim to be a pioneer in the development and implementation of new protocols and techniques in physical therapy.


We value our patients’ health and well-being above all else. Your needs always come first. Everything that we do is aimed to optimize your condition and help you achieve your goals.
We celebrate the inherent value in our patients and each other! We value the differences, contributions, diverse experiences and backgrounds that make each person special. We interact with you with the highest level of respect and a constant cognizance of your dignity.
We value each patient as an individual with unique needs and capabilities. There is no one-
size-fits-all treatment plan at our clinic. We are committed to delivering healthcare that is customized to match our patients’ unique condition. This ensures that the treatment is always appropriate, high-quality and designed to achieve maximal results.
We acknowledge that all conditions are improved by manual therapy. We make sure to spend time with each patient incorporating hands-on therapy as an integral part of the treatment plan.