Why Choose Allied Rehab?

We offer excellent customer service, our highly trained physical therapists use evidence-based practice in a comfortable, friendly environment. We work with you to customize a treatment plan according to your goals and needs.

Hands-On Therapy

We provide a quality of care that is incomparable to any other physical therapy practice. We utilize manual therapy and customize exercise programs in treating injuries. All care is performed by a licensed Physical Therapist, never an aide or technician.

Our Goal

Our goal is to increase mobility, strength and function and eliminating pain in a “relaxed” friendly setting.

Meet the Team

(L-R: Crystal Latorre; Alita Reyna, PT; C. Mark Tuason, PT; Ann Tuason, RN, MHA)
Our licensed physical therapists work closely together as a team to help you realize your rehabilitation goals. Decades of experience in acute, rehab and outpatient settings contribute to our therapists’ expertise in treating various conditions and disorders.  The team keeps updated with developments in the field through various seminars and courses. Continuous education along with experience and commitment enable our therapists to create personalized plans of care for our patients. Each team member is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality physical therapy services in a friendly and engaging manner.